Professional Certifications and Training

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed


Diana is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA).  To attain this certification, she taught over 300 hours of classes and received recommendations from veterinarians,  clients, and colleagues. She passed a three-hour science-based exam demonstrating knowledge in Instruction Skills, Animal Husbandry, Ethology, Learning Theory, Equipment, and Business Practices & Ethics. 

Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Association of Professional Dog Trainers APDT

 Diana is a  Full Member of the APDT, a professional organization of trainers  committed to a code of conduct to provide outstanding service and pursue continuing education.  APDT trainers are knowledgeable, caring, and conscientious, and will help clients achieve their training goals through the use of dog-friendly training. 

Association for Force-Free Pet Professionals

Pet Professional Guild. The Association for Force-Free Professionals.

 Diana is a member of the Pet Professional Guild which represents dog training professionals who are committed to scientifically based, force-free training and behavior change methods. Force-free means that PPG members will never employ shock, pain, fear, physical force, physical molding, or compulsion-based methods when training or caring for a pet. 

AKC CGC, Trick Dog, and Temperment Evaluator

AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator

Diana is an AKC Approved Evaluator, and can administer the Canine Good Citizen (CGC), AKC Community Canine (CGCA), and AKC Urban Canine (CGCU) evaluations.
Diana is also approved to conduct AKC Trick Dog evaluations, and the new AKC Temperament test (ATT).

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

Certified Trick Dog Instructor with Do More WIth Your Dog

Diana is certified as a Trick Dog Instructor through the Do More With Your Dog Trick Dog program

In 2018, Diana earned "Trainer of the Year" after training teams to over 100 titles!

Fear Free Certified Professional

Certified Fear Free Animal Trainer

Diana successfully completed the Fear Free Animal Trainer Certification Program, whose mission is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them.

Additional Training

Positive training courses

Diana's ongoing education includes attending Clicker Expo annually, the Deep Dive course with Ken Ramirez at The Ranch, the Living and Learning with Animals for Professionals with Dr. Susan Friedman, and continuing education with expert positive trainers. 

Memberships and more

Additional training

Diana has also completed training in Canine Aggression/Fear from Michael Shikashio, Pat Miller, and Nicole Wilde.

Prior to being a dog trainer

Diana graduated from New York University with a BFA in Film and TV Production/Psychology. She worked as a Corporate Computer Support Manager in the US and in Europe.