Training Hiatus

 Diana will be taking a training hiatus from July-October 2019.  Classes will resume in November 2019.  

Rally Obedience

Looking for a fun way to train basic obedience skills such as such as Sit, Down, Stay, and Heeling on and off leash with your dog? 

Rally Obedience combines the challenge of an agility course with the precision of traditional obedience. Follow the stations and perform the skills together. 

Whether you would like to compete or not, Rally Obedience training helps keep your dog's obedience skills sharp!

Rally Obedience classes are an open enrollment, so new students can start any time space is available.  Rally is taught by level (Master/Excellent/Advanced/Intermediate/Novice). No prior training is required for the All Level Rally or the Nov/Int/Adv class.