Heeling Games

Would you like to improve your dog's focus during on and off leash heeling?  Diana developed a Heeling Games class to provide more joy and choice for dogs learning how to heel.

Using a variety of fun dog training exercises (including heeling to music), learn how to teach your dog brisk, focused obedience heeling off-leash.

Train long distance recalls and quick responses to sit/down/stand while you are moving (helpful for Rally Excellent and Formal Obedience)

Heeling Games is an open enrollment class, so new students can start any time space is available.  No prior training is required. This is a great puppy obedience starter class too!

Heeling Games is offered:

  • Woodinville on Tuesdays at 11:30am and Thursdays at 7:30pm year-round
  • Seattle on Saturdays at 6pm in Nov-Dec 2019, and Sept-Dec 2020.
  • Individual class fee is $30 or you can use our discounted package of six classes for $150 ($25/class).