UPDATED 4/3/20 - We are open! All classes between now and May 4th will be held via video.

With the current health recommendations, all of our Group and Private training classes are Zoom video training through May 4th (in accordance with the WA State mandate). I hope that all of you, your friends and families, and your pups are and remain happy and healthy.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

Video training

Train in the comfort of your home

As we join together in the current health situation, we are moving our classes to video format until in-person classes can resume. Video training classes keep us connected to our classmates and help us continue to train our dogs together.

How does it work?

We use Zoom, - a FREE online meeting software that is for iPhone/Android phones and Mac/PC computers. 

Zoom classes can be recorded for you to view at another time.  They also allow for video demos, presentations, live training practice with immediate feedback, and more! 

Is this too technical?

My former career was in IT Tech support, and I am happy to help you get set up for video training together.  Let's bring dog training into the modern era! 

Private and Group video classes

Our Private video classes feature a Zoom meeting video where we can see and talk to each other in a private meeting format.

Our Group video classes feature Zoom meeting video where I will be on video and you can participate by viewing or being on a video (even in your PJs!), and by asking questions in the Chat or in the Q&A areas.

How to register

From now thru April 24th, register for video training by selecting the private or group class that you would like.  All class locations through April 24th are changed to Zoom video classes. 

From April 25th onward, we will hope to resume our normal in-person training for private and group classes, and continue to feature Zoom video training for private classes.